New Music

Okay so today I discovered 2 new to me bands.  I had heard of them but hadn’t really listened to them much, but today I gave them a go and wish I had done so earlier!  I loved them!

The first is Echosmith!  I had heard heard their song Cool Kids, but  it was the song Bright that made me fall in love with them completely!  I love this song, the lyrics are so cute and it suits the singers, Sydney Sierota, voice so well!  I’m just in love with this song and listened to it on repeat for a good couple of hours haha.

The other band are Eliza and the Bear.  They aren’t the type of band I usually listen to, but their song Friends came on and I really really enjoyed it, so I just listened to all their songs on the train and was surprised that I loved them as much as I do.  They are touring later this year and coming to Glasgow so I may persuade my boyfriend to come along with me!

So they are my 2 music recommendations for you today and I hope you are having a lovely day!


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