New Skincare Routine!

I’ve always been terrible with my skincare.  I usually just take my make up off with soap and water or even wipes! (I know, it’s awful)  So I have decided now is a good time to get a proper skincare routine and do more to help my skin!  If I’m completely honest I had no idea where to start with skincare, so I done a bit of research then went out and bought my products!

Since these are my first proper skincare products, I didn’t buy anything too expensive, so that if I don’t stick to my routine then it hasn’t been money wasted! I can always upgrade these products later on when I am more familiar with all the skincare products and different types of each because, wow there are a lot!!!

I decided I would go for the Boots Botanic range, and mainly the “All-Brights” collection.  I just really loved the smell of these products and love the bright, dewy, illuminated look on the skin.  As my skin can be quite sensitive sometimes, I also decided to pick these up as they have mostly natural ingredients, which is a bonus!


From the range I picked up their cleansing lotion, toner, day cream, night cream and a face scrub.  I cant wait to try these products out and see if they make a difference to my skin!

I hope you are having a great day and leave any skincare tips bellow in the comments because I really need them haha!


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