May Non-Beauty Favourites

During May, I have discovered many slightly random things, but I thought I would share these with you!

The White Company candle.  I was in the mood to burn a candle and found this one in the bathroom, so I decided  to give it a go.  My mum was given this for christmas in a big set but didnt like the scent of the candle. This candle is the “Verveine” one and has a lovely fresh citris scent. I am so glad I found this as I basically have now burned the whole candle in May!

Elephant Necklace.  I was having a browse online and stumbled on this cute little necklace.  I love the elephant pendant and think it looks really cute! I have been wearing it almost everyday and it goes so well with most of my clothes.

BlogLovin’ app.  I only recently stumbled upon this as I was browsing the App Store. Why have I not heard about this sooner?! It’s amazing! I love being able to read all my favourite blogs in the one place and it makes it so easy to find new blogs to read as well!

Portable charger. This has been a complete life saver this month, especially when I was at slam dunk festival, me and Lewis both used it throughout the day. I especially love mine as it holds more than a full charge, but isn’t huge!

For music favourites, I have been loving the bands Echosmith and As It Is.  Both bands are new discoveries of mine this month! I discovered Echosmith by Lewis, who had them on in the car one day and I fell in love immediately. For As It Is, I was watching an old Zoe London video where she mentioned them, so I listened to them on spotify and straight away loved their song Dial Tones which made me want to listen to their full album! It wasn’t a disappointment!

So what have your non-beauty favourites been this month? Let me know in the comments and I hope you have a great day!


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