Young Guns! 

On Tuesday I went to see Young Guns in Glasgow! This was my 3rd time seeing them live and they are such an amazing live band, really get the crowd going! I saw them years ago when they supported All Time Low and also earlier this year in Edinburgh. This was by far my favourite gig of theirs!


It was such a lovely day, so I wore a plain grey t-shirt from H&M and high waisted denim shorts from Primark! I tried out a new foundation, the collection lasting perfection foundation. I picked this up as I am a massive fan of the collection lasting perfection concealer, and thought I would give the foundation to match a try. I got the lightest shade porcelain, but it is still a bit dark for me although I can just about get away with it. I really liked the rest of my make up and have remember the combination I used for future use!



So onto Young guns! Their set was incredible, although I would have preferred if they played more songs off of their new album Ones and Zeros, but I did think they played a good mix of old and new!


They started off with a new song, I Want Out, which was amazing for getting the crowd going for the rest of the gig and ended with Bones, one of my favourite songs from their last album! They also played my favourite song from their new album, which is Daylight! I love that song so much, had it in repeat for days when it was released!


I had an incredible time at Young Guns with Lewis and can’t wait for other gigs I have planned for this year! Have you any gigs coming up? If so let me know who in the comments below and I hope you have a great day!


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