What’s In My Bag?

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what other people carry around in their bags.  So I thought I would do a what’s in my bag post for you all to see what I carry around with me everyday!

My everyday bag that I’ve been using recently is a small black bag from Primark which I got on sale for a fiver, compete bargin!  I love the size and that it is a grained leather effect meaning it will show scratches less.  It has silver detailing which I really like as all my other bags have gold detailing.

In the front zip pocket is where I keep my phone which is the iphone 6.  It is really handy as it means I have easy access to my phone at all times and saves me hunting for it at the bottom of my bag!

In the first of the 2 larger sections is where I keep my purse, portable charger and keys.  My purse is from River Island, I really like this purse although I have had it for around 3 or 4 years so I’m thinking about updating it.  My portable charger comes almost everywhere with me, along with the mini charging cable, it is so useful and I know my phone will never run out of battery.  My keys are pretty standard, I take both my house keys and car key everywhere with me.


In the second section is where I keep my make up bag, a packet of tissues, some painkillers, earphones my sunglasses, mints and body mist.  The make up bag I keep in my bag is this small cream bag from boots and in here I keep essentials that I will need when I’m out.  I keep a hand cream, hand sanitiser, mini deodorant, lip balm, a pocket mirror, a concealer, a liquid liner, mascara and the lipstick I’m wearing that day.  My sunglasses are a pair from Primark, I love the matte black frames of these and the shape of them.  The body mist is the blissful mistful from the Zoella range, its a really lovely scent and it’s great for a top of of fragrance during the day.

So that’s everything I carry with me everyday.  I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my bag and I hope you have a great day!


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