What I’ve Been Watching!

Lately I have found myself watching quite a few different TV box sets and thought I would share what I’ve been watching

One Tree Hill – I have been re-watching this lately, just having it on in the background when doing chores or blogging and I have been loving it!  I forgot how much I loved this show when it was first out and since it isn’t on E4 any more I haven’t saw it in so long!  Really enjoying watching it all from the beginning again.

Pretty Little Liars – I cannot put into words how much I have been loving season 6, it’s amazing!  So much suspense and I still have no idea who A is. Love all the plot twists and how I can’t predict what is going to happen, makes it even more exciting!

Orange Is The New Black – So season 3 has just been released and I finished it in under a week, it is just so addicting.  Once you start watching just one episode, you need to watch more.  I gave myself a duvet day at the start of last week and watched most of it and I regret nothing.

Orphan Black – This has been the show I’ve been watching with Lewis, and it is so good!  I had been hearing a few people rave about this show so we thought we would give it a go, and I am so glad we did.  It’s really hard to not watch a sneaky episode without Lewis, But I have been good…. so far!

Those are the TV series I have been loving recently.  What have you been watching and loving recently? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a great day!


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